How to Become a Stripper for Bucks Parties and Hens Nights

Working as a stripper in Australia can be fun and lucrative. Every weekend, there are people looking to hire strippers for their hens’ party, bucks party, or just a Saturday night with all the guys. A good stripper can make any regular Friday celebration or wedding party a great night. And in this large market, you could potentially earn some money by working as a stripper yourself.

Nowadays, a stripper is pretty much a must-have for a successful hens party and bucks night. That’s why there are many people that work as topless waitresses, topless waiters, or strippers, dedicated to turning hens’ party ideas and dream bucks parties into unforgettable experiences.

And if you’re thinking of getting into the adult entertainment industry, here’s everything you need to know.

How to Become a Stripper for Bucks Parties and Hens Nights

Why Become a Stripper?

So, what are the benefits of becoming a hens’ party, hens’ night, or bucks party stripper anyway?

In this section, we’ll be checking that out.

You are Your Own Boss

First of all, you never have to deal with annoying bosses. When working as a female or male stripper, you are in charge of finding clients, scheduling, and the type of work you do. That way, you can choose which hens’ party to perform at and which hens’ night to avoid.

Additionally, you get to experience a lot of things as many people hire strippers for sexy boat cruise performances, a night out with their best friends, or even for special performances at the club.

Either way, you are in charge of what jobs you take or don’t take.

Fewer Hours and More Money than Waitressing

If you’ve tried working as a topless waiter or topless waitress, then you know that’s there’s a fair amount of money in that kind of entertainment. But when your job involves stripping off your clothes, whether at a strip club or at private hens’ parties, then you can get paid more.

On top of that, strippers only perform and dance for a couple of minutes during private events. Strippers are usually paid per 15-minute performance, so you can get multiple gigs a night and earn some money.

Work on Your Own Schedule

As mentioned earlier, you choose what gigs to take. So, whenever a person approaches you for a girls’ night or guys’ night, you have complete control to say yes or no to their special night. Whether it’s because you don’t feel comfortable with the part or you already have an event at the strip club that week, you are never obligated to say yes.

If you aren’t a fan of working every evening, then you don’t have to. On the flip side, if you need to hustle a bit harder to make more money, then you can take on more of the same kind of gigs to increase your income.

How Much Do Strippers Make?

The thing about stripping is that men and women in this specific entertainment industry get to decide on their rates. Generally, strippers can charge anywhere between $100-$300 per performance. And if you have a lot of good reviews and word gets around of your amazing performances, you can get away with charging even more.

So, not only is the world of stripping awesome and so much fun, but it could also be a lucrative way for dancers and performers to earn some money while on the job.

What You Need to Start Stripping for a Bucks Party or Hens’ Night

While it might sound easy to start working as a stripper and offer hens’ packages or bucks party packages, it isn’t that simple. But if you know all the requirements, the entire process becomes more convenient.

Here are the basic requirements you need to start taking strip jobs in Australia.


First of all, you need to choreograph and fantastic routine. In fact, it might be best to come up with multiple different routines with a variety of music. That way, you can serve the individual needs and preferences of different guests.

Generally, you want to create a sexy, 15-minute routine to good music that can entertain both girls and guys. If you can dance, you have a significant advantage in this step. But as long as you give the audience a great time, you know you’ve made a successful dance routine.


Since you’re a private professional, you require an ABN (Australian Business Number). This makes you a legitimate business and service provider in Australia and ensures everything is legal, while also making it easier to invoice your guests and customers.

Your Brand

After that, you need to build your own brand. This can be a unique persona with a different attitude than your normal self. You have complete freedom to create your own persona. You can be a classic single woman character, or you can take on more niche personas that serve different kinds and preferences.

Understand the Technicalities

Remember, when you score a client, you are in charge of your transportation, booking system, and pictures for advertising. On top of that, some clients may have specific requests that need to be served. When you understand this, it will be much easier to get into the industry.

Advertise Your Services

Additionally, you need a place to advertise your services and reach different clients and people in the entertainment industry. On the Flashing Lights, we offer a digital space for you to share your portfolio, services, and prices. That way, you can reach a much wider audience and score more gigs for your career!

How to Become a Stripper for Bucks Parties and Hens Nights

Tips for Becoming a Bucks Party or Hens’ Party Stripper

Here are a couple of other things to keep in mind when getting into the adult entertainment industry.

Safety First!

Before agreeing to a show, make sure that it is the right place with the right people. Your safety should be a top priority, so before starting the show, make sure to set definite rules and boundaries for guests to follow.

Hygiene is Crucial

It’s best to stay as clean and hygienic as possible. This includes trimming your fingernails, practising good skin care, and always appearing presentable when on the job.

Stay Prepared

Remember, the adult entertainment industry offers a limited timeline for girls and boys looking for jobs. So, keep in mind that your days as a stripper are numbered at that’s just how the industry works.

What Attitude Do You Need to Become a Stripper for Bucks Party or Hens Parties?

The most important quality of strippers and topless waiters and waitresses for a hens party or bucks party is a friendly attitude. Remember, everything is there to have a good time. So, you need to show the audience that you have a strong sense of fun and playful attitude that will keep them entertained the whole night through!